Artisan Distillation has Found a New Home

Artisan Distillation has Found a New Home

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Who we are!  Courtesy of Channel 5 out of Green Bay!

The Hendricks Family Distillery LLC is a small family-owned operation, proudly hand crafting bottles of Pure Class Vodka in small batches of this unparalleled spirit. Meticulously perfected from select choice potatoes, Pure Class Vodka eloquently bestows a taste that is incomparably smooth and refined. We offer Wisconsin’s first and Only premium Light Vodka!

Wisconsin’s Pure Class Potato Vodka is a naturally gluten free vodka. We distill multiple times until we achieve at least 192 Proof Alcohol. The higher percentage, the smoother the vodka. We are very proud to offer such a high quality product. Artisan Distillation has found a new home in Northeastern Wisconsin.

Tours are welcome by appointment!  Just call 920-379-4515