2016 SIP Awards Platinum Medal

Platinum in 2016 at the SIPS Awards

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SIP Awards International Spirits Competition Celebrates Biggest Event in 8 Year History

The People Have Decided & The Results are in!   On behalf of the SIP Awards, we would like to be the first to congratulate Pür Class Vodka on its recent accomplishment.

This year’s competition proved to be an even greater challenge for each of the 462 spirits competing for the coveted SIP Medals awarded to the top consumer’s spirit of choice!  The SIP Awards is the only international spirits competition leveling the playing field for established brands and newcomers alike by enlisting consumers as judges. The judging this year was increasingly critical as over 18% of the brands entered did not qualify for any type of accolade.  Your brand’s recognition at our competition truly shows its overall premium quality.

In its eighth year, the SIP Awards were held at the lush Hyatt Regency, located in Newport Beach, California.

We are pleased to announce the following recognitions:

Hendricks Family Distillery LLC
2017 CCA Qualifier
Award: Platinum
Made in United States
2016 SIP Awards Platinum Medal

NEWPORT BEACH, California, May 22, 2016 – Spirit Enthusiasts flocked to the lush Newport Beach Hyatt garden atrium on a sunny Sunday afternoon to kick off the 2016 SIP Awards. With serious momentum and now, on its 8th annual competition, the SIP Awards presented the 98 member Consumer Judging Panel with a spectrum of 462 international brands, in over 59 categories, for double blind tasting.

The record breaking number of spirits were ushered in using the SIP Awards’ patented delivery system which ensures a consistent, focused, and accurate survey of consumer impressions of each category. Key elements include presentation of unmarked, temperature controlled, undiluted samples, each precision poured in its own eat glass, vessels scientifically designed to amplify the tasting experience.   Internationally respected as the only honest consumer spirit competition, the SIP Awards is unique in its extensive screening and security measures which ensure the Judging Panel is comprised purely of every day spirit consumers, not tainted with any endorsement, involvement or influence from the spirit industry.

As interest in the SIP Awards has skyrocketed, so too has the number of Brands vying for the priceless exposure and valuable insight into sincere consumer reactions. This hand‐in‐hand growth has created an elite arena where only those brave enough to let their product speak for itself compete, and where a victory ensures the foundation of a winning legacy.

Winning a SIP Award is a critical milestone that signifies to the market that the most discerning and unbiased group, those who eventually vote with their wallets, have pre selected their favorites and now, Brands are equipped with the proof to let the World know. Snowballing this momentum into attracting new customers is the only way smaller Brands can effectively level the playing field and showcase their undeniable strengths.

This consistent growth pattern is a testament to the value and impact brands enjoy after a SIP Awards success. Struggling brands benefit from an honest assessment and direction for improvement, while premier brands create, defend, and expand their legacies. The Consumer Choice Award is reserved exclusively for those with the fortitude to compete, and place, 2 or more consecutive years. Conducted separately from the tastings, the Bottle Design competition highlights creative efforts in packaging, branding, and the tactile customer experience, and is the only time any logos, brand names or bottle labels are visible. Presented as individual awards, a single brand may end up taking home multiple prizes, any of which will attract masses of new drinkers.

About SIP Awards

Catering to the opinions and palates of the discerning public, the SIP Awards present a unique, spirit judging competition, unaffected by industry bias. This pragmatic and refreshing model of evaluation provides an honest stage for feedback and recognition where top brands showcase their achievements. To learn more about the SIP Awards beverage competition, venue partnerships, or for a complete list of 2016 winners, visit www.SIPAwards.com