Vodka Martini

Today, the Vodka Martini is as popular as the classic Gin Martini which it was adapted from. It is the drink of choice for many who want a clean, dry Martini without the aromatic botanicals of gin and, just as with its predecessor, can be adapted to suit the drinker’s personal taste.

The next option for the drink is the garnish and bitters. Personally, I enjoy orange or aromatic bitters in my Martinis. The garnish could either be a light lemon twist or a few olives with either the standard pimento or stuffings like blue cheese or jalapeno.

The beauty of the clean Martinis is that you can customize them to your own style, taste, or even the mood you’re in at any given time.
Prep Time: 3 minutes
Total Time: 3 minutes
Yield: 1 Cocktail

* 1 1/2 ounces Pür Class vodka
* 3/4 ounce dry vermouth
* 2 dashes bitters (optional)
* Lemon twist or 3 olives for garnish

1. Pour the ingredients into a cocktail shaker filled with ice.
2. Shake well.
3. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass.
4. Garnish with a lemon twist or olives.