Your drink will only be as good as the ingredients you use and the recipes you follow, so choose a premium vodka, such as Pure Class to create the ultimate drink. Vodka is the best spirit and the most popular base for cocktails.

Every Day Recipes

Holiday Recipes

Ring in the New Year in Style and survive the next day with Pure Class Vodka!

As you know, it is the way our vodka is distilled which will prevent you from the hangovers – but we can not guarantee that when it is mixed with other alcohol! Please enjoy, but always drink in moderation!

What Is infusing Vodka

Infusing Vodka is the process of adding flavor from herbs, spices, fruits or veggies to create your own custom spirits for mixing or enjoying on their own.

Infusing Vodka with flavor is a great way to experiment and shock your taste buds in a healthy, natural way – unlike flavored vodkas which are high in sugar.

Start with a smooth and clean vodka such as Pure Class as the foundation in creating a great infusion.

Begin by using a clean, air tight jar. Glass is preferred. Wash your ingredients and place inside the jar. Add Pure Class Vodka to fill, shake a few times and wait! The timing can be anywhere from 3-5 days in a cool, dark place, up to a week. You will want to taste test every couple of days to see if the flavors are to your liking. Once the flavors have marinated the vodka to peak flavoring, you remove the ingredients and strain with a coffee filter. Store the infused vodka as you would any other vodka.

Go ahead and splurge! Life is too short NOT to savor Pure Class!